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Welcome to "Becoming Limitless" by Ray Catania

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

A Collection of Media to Inspire Your Creations

*I hope you will check back periodically as I will update this site as often as I can. You can also subscribe and get the latest news and posts delivered directly to your email. We never sell your information or send spam. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The truth is I have never written a blog and so I am following a format given to me by folks more knowledgeable than I in this field. They told me to begin with an introduction in my first post so allow me to do so.

My name is Ray Catania. I created Limitless Publications and Limitless Coaching. These platforms are here for anyone who truly wishes to experience their own spiritual awakening. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when I had my first awakening, but it was in the year 2018 that I took the leap of faith, left my day job, and began working on and creating, only those things that would help others achieve what I had found. Perhaps not in the same way as I did, but have the desired outcome, nonetheless. If you have read any of the books I authored in the Awakening Series, you'll understand how these things had unfolded for me and were not in a particularly pleasant way. The path we take to find our way to these higher levels of consciousness is not as important as gaining the achievement of such. I have been given the gift of inner peace and I feel I must pay this forward. It is simply the right thing to do in my mind. I am not a particularly special person who ever did anything to deserve this, and so I want to do my part of helping others, now and for the rest of my existence. That is the purpose of Limitless. The books, the coaching site, and this blog are here to spread this message.

I write from experiences. What I mean is as I experience, I write about it, but also what I have learned from them. I have always said, "I write as I learn, and learn as I write." I bring the reader along with me on my journey to see, feel, and experience with me. This way the reader can take the experience and see if it applies to their lives, and if they derived the learning experience as I did or perhaps a different one. I am sure you have had many experiences already that if you were to change your perception of them, you would find a tremendous gem of information that you may have overlooked. It was the change of my perception that opened my eyes to the view of the world as a different place. I know this sounds simple and silly but only the former is true.

I look forward to sharing so much with you as this site grows with content.

Please consider subscribing so you will know when a new article or video is posted. Thank you for visiting.

I am ...

Forever Grateful, RC

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