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What is Super-Consciousness?

There is another state of consciousness we can achieve, but it is often overlooked. We have all been in this state of mind before. That is the state of super-consciousness and to get here mentally, one must be fully present in the moment. It is one state of mind that does not allow you to attach anyone's narrative to your present thoughts, nor your own for that matter. Being 100% fully present without thought is something we have all done before, even if you didn’t notice you were doing it. It is a state of mind where you can accomplish anything by losing everything temporarily in your mind. A state of super-consciousness can only be achieved when there is absolutely nothing clouding or interfering with your judgement.

I’ll give you a common example of how you have been in this zone where everything that happens does so without thinking. It happens typically when someone is involved in a physical activity, for example, one where you must be fully present without thought, to accomplish what you're trying to do. Such as climbing a dangerous mountain or playing a sport to win. There's no time to consider anyone’s thoughts or narratives when you're in this zone. You are fully present with your mind and your body as one. This is a form of consciousness without thought.

Let's say you're a baseball player and you're up at bat. Your objective is to hit a home run. You enter this zone mentally as the pitcher winds up, and you stop thinking. You have no time to think, nor do you have time to blink your eyes, as a 90-mph fastball is coming at you. You are not thinking about what pissed you off this morning, or the bus ride to work, or that your coffee didn’t taste right. None of that will enter your mind as you completely focus on the task at hand and swing the bat in this mental zone to hit the ball. Had anything else entered your mind, you probably wouldn’t have hit that ball at all. It is imperative to have no thoughts in order to enter that super-conscious moment in time, when so little as blinking an eye would result in a defeated outcome. When you are in a state where thinking less helps you do or create more, that is being in super-consciousness.

It begins with setting the intention. In this case, hit the ball. Then you step up to the plate and get into your stance. At this point you may still have thoughts but once you see the pitcher move, or twitch a little, all thoughts are gone. It is now that you must enter the state of super-consciousness. If you don’t you may miss the ball or allow it to go past you. Let us now assume you achieved the state of mind and hit the ball.

Let's see how quickly this state of mind can be lost. It is incredibly fragile. As soon as you hit the homerun, everything is great in that moment, but what happens when your thoughts return? The second you start to run around the bases you’ll likely have the first thought. You begin to think about a narrative. Your egoic mind kicks back in. What will people think of me now? Will they think I'm great? Will they think I was lucky? Then you begin to attach thoughts which convolute the perfection that was the moment of hitting the ball.

You can access this state of being at will, it just takes practice. It is not limited to physical activity either. I only use that as an example because we have all been there at one time or another and can relate to it the easiest.

Take a step back and observe your thoughts. Remember, if you can observe your thoughts, you cannot be made up of your thoughts. You are the awareness between you and your thoughts. You are in fact, one of (if not the only) living thing that is aware that you are actually having a thought. This is how we know for certain that your subconscious (and the egoic mind) cannot be you! That is simply your programming. (Programming is a topic for another time.) You are however your awareness, and if you are aware that you are having a thought, then you can always change your thoughts.

You can read more about this concept in my new book, “You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It” available on Amazon and everywhere great books are sold.

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