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My Theory Explained: Where do we go after death?

This theory is explained in my first book, The Atheist and the Afterlife. Throughout my life and my research, everything that I have encountered and experienced has led me to the same conclusion about where we go after we die. This is in the literal or physical sense, not a religious one.

I am about to share with you my theory of life, death, consciousness, and the afterlife. Let me remind you, I am not a scientist. I am also not an astronomer, doctor, or physicist, although I loved the physics lessons given in school while my schoolmates hated them. I am also not a lawyer, Thespian, or a New York Yankee shortstop. Not in this life anyway.

Let’s begin.

To accept my ideas, we will have to discuss why the universe expands, even though logistically it should be contracting. This isn’t my discovery by any means; this is Albert Einstein. He recognized that some sort of energetic force was not only preventing the contraction of the universe but that it is actually expanding rapidly. For this to be factual, there must be some form of energy that is pushing the universe outward, thus expanding it.

This form of energy would not be proven as a fact for years, but once it was proven, it would be known as "dark energy." What is this mysterious “dark energy” that we cannot see, hear, or feel, and yet know exists, and why is more of it continually being dumped into the void or space between all things? This is something no one has an answer for yet.

Let us add…

If the conscious mind is energy, then so are the thoughts created by it. This being energy that the human mind produces. One can release information or thoughts, into the “void” or space in between all things, and that information can be carried through a quantum field to another living organism, or another energy-based being. The things you say and do that you put out there into the universe can be picked up on by other energy-carrying entities, such as living things, and can be reacted to by those living things.

How does this happen? It is as simple as aligning frequencies. It is the same way a satellite dish, or radio station is tuned in to hear the music of that station. The information is transmitted out into the universe, floating around, looking for a “like” frequency to match with. Eventually, it will find the antenna of your radio which is now “tuned in” to the same frequency.


We have one more scientific principle to understand before we get to the theory. It is the first law of thermodynamics. It is also known as the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but must be transferred from one form to another. This is a crucial part of the theory because energy cannot cease to exist. Again, this isn’t my opinion, this is a scientific fact.

When we die, what happens to our energy? Our human energy which is tied directly to our conscious mind. Where does this go? Energy doesn’t cease to exist. It is transformative. This we already know. So, it must go somewhere upon death.

Get the Nobel ready…

We now have all our facts in place. We have dark energy, an energy floating around everywhere but we do not know how it came to be in existence and we have another form of energy that leaves our body which we do not know where it goes, only that it must go somewhere through a transformational process. Therefore, it must change its form.

And finally…

To put this simply, I believe dark energy is the energy extracted from the conscious mind when the body dies. We have become part of the universal dark energy. We become part of something much greater than ourselves—the entire universe in fact. We become limitless and all-knowing with our conscious minds—a part of a cosmic and universal collective consciousness, if you will. We become part of the universe’s energy structure, forever expanding it.

This would also explain why the density of the universe is a constant and why the universe is expanding so rapidly. More people equal more deaths. More deaths means that more dark energy is released into the void.

In conclusion…

This conscious energy that leaves the body many people may call a spirit or a soul. At this point, you may wish to invoke your personal religious beliefs as to what you name this place, what happens to you after death, and whether you will reincarnate, etc., but for now, if you can imagine this is the starting point for the afterlife and whatever comes next, you will be able to digest and accept my theory regardless of your personal religion or even if you have no religious beliefs at all.

Go out and live and love each day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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